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il FazzoLètto


il FazzoLètto, an old-fashioned touch of elegance, has fallen out of use. Like a book page, it reminds us that words have the power to enhance joy, overcome sorrow, even heal colds.

il FazzoLètto does not belong in a bag or a pocket, it must be kept close to your heart.

Choose your FazzoLètto, choose your smile, choose your words, present them.

Five themes, five poems embroidered on a linen handkerchief, an original poetic book on special pages.

Collect il FazzoLètto: Life, Love, Friendship, Nature and Sea.

Handkerchief: 100% linen

Dimensions: 24x24 cm

Package: recycled cardboard

Made with poetry in Italy


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the embroidery of words

Barbara Pinchi is a poet and a performer. The Poetryon project speaks her language and – like a gentle arrow – aims at bringing poetry into everyday life, revealing to our senses how deeply entwined it is with our lives. Common-use as well as poetical, these objects keep guard over our emotions which, in the form of embroidered words, can be given as a present to ourselves or to our loved ones. il FazzoLètto is its first poetic product, so the embroidery of words has finally become to touch poetry.

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